2011-10-20 19.32.51

Tale of Kingdoms is very easy to download also!

Here are the step to step directions

1)First you will need ModLoader which you can download here

2)Then download Tale of Kingdoms here

3)You should get a program that can open .zip files, anything will do (ie: WinRar, WinZip, 7-zip, etc.)

4)Go to your .minecraft folder by going to run (windows key + r) and typing it "%APPDATA%" go to your .bin folder and open up minecraft.jar with your archiver and delete your META-INF folder

5)copy all the files of the modloader (also open modloader with your archiver) and put them into your minecraft.jar folder. Them go back to your .minecraft and add a folder called "mods" in mods put your whole Tale of Kingdoms .zip into it than put the meta-inf folder back.

6)Start up minecraft and everything should work fine

7)When you start a new world you should see a message popping up asking if you want to make a guild or not, if not try redoing the steps.

If you want to watch a video here is a good one